The specialists in water treatment plants

The GM Impianti is a company with a thirty-years experience in the design and execution of civil and industrial water treatment plants. Technology and experience are values put as guarantee of every single project that takes form from specialized technicians. The result is the development of idoneus plants to solve every specific exigence of the client.



– Circular or rectangular settling basins

– Recirculating large settlers

– Hydrocyclones

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Fluid distribution

– Water, oxygen, methan and compressed air

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– Sand filters

– Sand collector candle filters

– Carbon filters

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Pumping stations

– Direct/Indirect cooling circuits for continuous casting machines

– Direct/Indirect cooling circuits for rolling mills

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Ion exchange resins

– Demineralizing

– Water softening for hot water circuits protection

– Decarbonation

– Deferrization and demanganization

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